Is there anybody out there?

This is from Pink Floyd, 1979.Resultado de imagem para is there anyone out there pink floyd lyrics

“Well, only got an hour of daylight left. Better get started”
“Isn’t it unsafe to travel at night?”
“It’ll be a lot less safe to stay here. Your father’s gonna pick up our trail before long”
“Can Lorca ride?”
“He’ll have to ride. Lorca, time to go! Chengra, thank you for everything. Let’s go.”
“Goodbye Chengra”
” Goodbye, Missy!”
“I’ll be back–one day”

This is not 1979 now – most of you were not even born by then – but this is a question one must ask before going out of his home comfort and safety, as these days are not very safe.

These days we cannot enjoy the company of our friends, we cannot do the things we love and are used to do, we cannot go places we want and prefer, as we need to stay safe.

Companies are stopping, people are working from home if their jobs as compatible. Now imagine that you work with people, imagine you are a trainer, a coach, an activator and maximizer of groups to achieve their maximum in terms of innovation and as a team, imagine that you are me!

I am working from home, but not doing what I love and am good at, not doing what I choose, just because Earth and Nature decided to have a pause from the human race devastation, pollution, and abuse of resources! Many are suffering the same as me!

But Nature and Earth, please understand that I love you and wish you no harm. Me and so many others as I!

“I’ll be back–one day”!

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Innovation Consultant, Strategist & Visual Thinker,




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Work from home?

Yes, today it is required… and along the coming days too!

People talk a lot about working from home and then we need a disease like the one we currently face to effectively test the model.

Home finance isn't problem for me

Work from home!

There are countries where this seems more natural and some people would say that here in Portugal it will not work because when people go home, they think they are on vacation and are all already looking for the best way to deceive bosses … or teachers!

So I think we will prove the opposite, we will prove that we are all capable of assuming our responsibilities and give our best, not only for our health and that of our families but also for our companies and our children, as there will be a future and we’ll need them.

Let’s prove that we can reinvent ourselves. Fear? No! We are Portuguese and we are known for our ability to “desenrascar” (surpass strange challenges in unexpected ways)! Let’s prove that we are capable! I am reinventing our business and next week I will keep in touch with our customers, because, as an innovation consultant, I believe that Design Thinking methods are to be used in real life and not just for training. We will provide the services (remote, digital) that we already have and new others that we do not yet know that customers and partners need.

My youngest daughter already made her study plan for the next weeks or months, to maintain healthy habits of study, work, and fun, in a balanced way.

We will prove that we are capable, and we’ll help ourselves and others to overcome this difficult period with as much enthusiasm as possible.

Who knows, this crisis will give a little help to environmental problems and will help us to reinvent the future and redefine the professions that will survive?

Let’s prove it all!

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Innovation Consultant, Strategist & Visual Thinker,


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Trabalhar em casa?

Sim, hoje parece ter que ser e nos próximos dias também!

Fala-se muito do trabalho a partir de casa e é preciso uma doença como a que enfrentamos para se testar o modelo.

Há países onde taHome finance isn't problem for mel parece mais natural e há quem diga que cá em Portugal não vai resultar, pois as pessoas ao ir para casa julgam que estão de férias e já estão todas à procura da melhor forma de enganar os patrões… ou os professores!

Pois eu acho que vamos provar o contrário, vamos provar que todos somos capazes de assumir as nossas responsabilidades e de dar o nosso melhor, não só pela nossa saúde e das nossas famílias, mas também pelas nossas empresas e pelos nossos filhos, pois haverá futuro e precisamos delas e deles.

Vamos provar que nos conseguimos reinventar. Medo? Não! Somos Portugueses e somos conhecidos pela nossa capacidade de “desenrascar”! Vamos provar que somos capazes!

Eu estou a reinventar o nosso negócio e na próxima semana vou continuar em contacto com os nossos clientes, pois como consultor na área de inovação acredito que os métodos do Design Thinking são para usar na vida real e não apenas para se fazer formação. Vamos prestar os serviços (remotos, digitais) que temos e outros que ainda não sabemos que os clientes e parceiros precisam.

A minha filha mais nova já fez ontem o seu plano de estudo para as próximas semanas ou meses, para manter hábitos saudáveis de estudo, trabalho e diversão, de forma equilibrada.

Vamos provar que somos capazes e ajudar a ultrapassar este período difícil com todo o entusiasmo possível.

Quem sabe esta crise vai dar uma pequena ajuda aos problemas do ambiente e nos vai ajudar a reinventar o futuro e a redefinir as profissões que sobrevivem?

Vamos provar tudo isso!

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Innovation Consultant, Strategist & Visual Thinker

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International Sketchnote Camp in Lisbon – September 20-22: Register Soon!

 Beautiful Lisbon City. Photo by Markus L.

The 2nd Annual International Sketchnote Camp in Lisbon is coming up fast—Thursday, September 20 through Saturday, September 22nd at Lux Lisboa Park Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal.

Don’t miss this exciting community event!

Now is the time to secure your tickets to the event, and most importantly book flights and hotels, before prices get more expensive.

What’s the International Sketchnote Camp?

The International Sketchnote Camp is a gathering of enthusiastic people around sketchnotes, visual notes, visual communication, graphic recording and everything about them.


The theme of this event is The Future of Visualization. It’s organized along three tracks:

  1. Education
  2. Business
  3. Sketchnote Tech

Conference/Camp Structure

The event will have more than 50 sessions, with scheduled presentations followed by BarCamp formatted sessions (where the attendees are the speakers) to involve the community.

Saturday Evening Dinner

On the last day of International Sketchnote Camp 2018, a dinner will be held at a local restaurant with TAX (IVA/VAT) included in the price. Note that dinner is s separate ticket item on the Eventbrite page.

History of the Camp

The event was founded in 2017 in Hamburg, Germany, organized by Andrea Brücken, Katharina Theis-Bröhl, Diana Soriat, and Marianne Rady. This is the second annual event in the series.

Sponsor the Event!

Why not support this event while getting brand awareness among the sketchnote community? Get in touch with Luis or Daniel, to discuss ways you can support the event.


For questions, reach out to Lisbon organizers Luis Gonzaga and Daniel Lança Perdigão by Twitter, email or phone:





Luis Gonzaga
Twitter: @LuisGonzagacom
Phone +351 961624027




Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 11.49.43 AM.png




Daniel Perdigão
Twitter: @UpSideUp_PT
Phone: +351 911009001


Listen to the recorded PODCAST, by Mike Rohde and Luis Gonzaga, on the Sketchnote Army blog.


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Digital Transformation or Evolution Supported by Digital Technology?

The digital transformation began many years before the very expression was coined or referred to for the first time.

Expressions like this usually have origin on an author or speaker, who uses it publicly until someone notices. From there the proliferation is fast and reaches diverse audiences acquiring distinctive

meanings, often different from the original ones, which is good, as this leads to public debate and the theme or themes are investigated, spread and developed.


If we are a potential supplier of “digital transformation” solutions, we cannot stop using the expression, because we face the

risk of resembling outdated, with the negative consequences that this may have on the market.

If, on the other hand, we are in the position of a potential customers or user of “digital transformation”, it is also almost impossible to ignore the theme, as this is how it is presented to us, at the risk of looking too conservative and, as a result, we may lose the attractiveness – to good customers and interesting employees, or even lose competitiveness.

But … and there is always one, Digital Transformation is really much more than it may seem at first glance. Why? Because of most technology providers, whether hardware, software, communications, any other or a mix of all or some of them, aware of these trends and using the term to avoid taking the risks outlined above.

Whenever a new technology – always and everywhere – enters the market and the organizations, there is a normal consequence in terms of employee reaction, related to change and, consequently, the fear of having difficulty adapting or even the fear of being replaced by the technology involved. Those fears are often real and sustained by personal experience or historical knowledge, at least since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

It is naturally more fearful for those who are averse to change, who do not want to adapt or develop themselves, and for those that, unfortunately, have limits of diverse nature – financial, cognitive or others – that prevent them from developing and adapting to new technologies or changes in general, to the extent of need.

The truth is that progress, and in this case the evolution supported by digital technology, namely Artificial Intelligence, will not stop and is a great opportunity for organizations to adapt and develop their organizations and their models and business processes, to adapt their socio-economic structures, adjust their internal policies, understand and adapt more quickly to consumer patterns and trends and, in general, revise their organizational culture.

All this? So many opportunities? And still, some people say that they are in the “digital transformation” simply because they sell or buy any new technology! No! Digital Transformation is much more than just that, it’s also a whole process of cultural change, especially at the organizational leadership level!

How can an organization plan and make this transformation if it cannot stop its business? It seems as difficult as changing the engine of a car driving at high speed on the freeway!

The organization that needs to transform, to stay or becomes more competitive, must look for partners instead of suppliers, and it must ensure that these partners can go beyond simply supplying and implementing new technologies. It will also have to ensure a communication plan of excellence, both internally and with the market and, before it is transformed, must determine the path according to its market, taking into account the trends, problems, the desires and needs of those it wants to be their customers, both now and in the future.

It may seem like a tortuous path – and it may or may not be, depending on whom you have as partners!

Come on, adapt yourself!

Daniel Lança Perdigão
Strategist & Visual Thinker

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Artifical or Art&visual Intelligence

So many people talking about artificial intelligence and, for sure, most of them have not yet explored their art & visual intelligence.

Arte&Visual by UpSideUp

It’s like wanting to explore the outworlds of the universe without having properly explored our own world.

It’s like traveling to visit Abu Dhabi without having visited their own cities.

I don’t want to be misunderstood, I totally support AI and visiting Abu Dhabi or any other city or culture. I just want to call your attention to the fact that you can explore your inner capabilities to better express yourself and to better communicate – which is different.

UpSideUp created this concept of Art&Visual Intelligence precisely to promote the development of dormant capacities, as since early ages, let’s say, from the age of 6, most people do not explore their artistic and visual communication capabilities.

We are promoting one or two days training on Visual Thinking and MindMapping, within companies, schools, universities and for anyone interested in recovering most of his unused communication capacity!

If you want o know more, you know how to do it! Just take a look at our website!

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Strategist & Visual Thinker,

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Specialization versus Diversification in Business – a 2 step approach

Shall we evolve or keep the business as it is for a long time?

This is a question we have easily answered along the past 6 years, without a shadow of a Visual communication word clouddoubt, but… (and sometimes “but” appears to my mind, and to yours too, I’m sure) this year we wanted to introduce new business areas for the next fiscal and some did not seem as being part of our specialization: Strategy and Visual Communication!

So, what needs to be done? We need to carefully understand what can be part of our core business and what cannot so we keep only the valid options (or almost valid at that first step).

We were offered some partnerships for potentially interesting services as well as the distribution of some nice products that did not fit our mission and were miles away from our core, so we had to discard them.

Now we just have some options – new business lines – that may fit our core business if, and some only if, we can adapt their communication to the market. And that’s fundamental (and it is our second step). Sometimes the package is as important as, or more than, the product, or service in our case!

If you are not sure about the difference, seeking for these two variables (specialization and diversification) in the dictionary may help a lot.

Specialization in an economic sense refers to individuals and organizations focusing on the limited range of production tasks they perform best” (Hall, 2009), or, “The act of specializing; making something suitable for a special purpose” (, n.d.)

Diversification is “A risk-reduction strategy that involves adding a product, services, location, customers and markets to your company’s portfolio” (Hall and Lee, 1993), or “the act or practice of manufacturing a variety of products, investing in a variety of securities, selling a variety of merchandise, etc., so that failure in or an economic slump affecting one of them will not be disastrous.” (

We are specialized in Strategy and Visual Communication (we offer innovation strategy services based on Design Thinking, training on several areas always taking advantage of Visuals, we produce live Graphic Recording, we do Visual Facilitation, we are in the Video Production, we use  Mind Maps and we sell some products related to visuals and visual arts) so, for this year, we decided to simply add new business lines that fit our specialization: a small Graphic Design area and an entirely new approach to Digital Signage and Corporate TV.

What do you think? Are we adding valid diversification options considering our specialization? We think so!

Now you know what we’ve done, the care we add to put in doing it and that we throw away some potentially good opportunities, simply because they’ll distract us and will reduce our focus from what is our core and specialization.

And don’t forget to get the best people to cover all the missing resources!

Want to know more? Look for and check what is going to happen over the next months!

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Strategist & Visual Thinker,

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