Why changing?

If my first question is “why changing?” my second one has to be “why not?!“.

George Bernard Shaw once said:”Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.“.

So, as we are changing so many things everyday and so many things will change whatever we do, today we decided to change this blog.


The seeds are launched, so now just let the blog grow!

Until today we were using the WordPress address and now we have a dedicated web address (pplexperience.com) so the blog can be found and memorized easily.

Until today we were only writing occasionally and using only Portuguese and now we have decided to also use English. And you may ask why! Simple, although there are more than 200 million people reading Portuguese, if one has ambition to reach a broader audience we all know that English is key. That’s why!

Anyway, we’ll keep posting articles in Portuguese too, as we are Portuguese and have a lot of Love and Respect for our Nation!

Until today the only way of reaching this blog was by pure luck – difficult, obviously! From now on it is also accessible from upsideup.pt, UpSideUp’s website.

We are facing change on a daily basis and, at UpSideUp, with are used to address it with dedicated training and group dynamics as well as with consulting services, working with our customers and partners around problems caused by change (as M&As) or, what is much more pleasant to us, around innovation, business transformation, blue ocean strategy, business model review, exploring new markets or simply launching new products or services.

There is no reason to be afraid of change! Change is progress!

So… why not?!

Daniel Lança Perdigão, UpSideUp.pt

About Daniel Lança Perdigão @UpSideUp

I am Strategist and a Visual Thinker, founder of UpSideUp. For me people are in the center of everything I do and UpSideUp does. I deal with people since 1961, I study since ever and I work since 1978! Every day I learn, work and innovate and I love what I do as I am always in contact with... people!
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