LUCK? Counting on it!

August is ending and people are returning from vacation so it’s time to put our LUCK to work.

Hard Work Or Luck Directions On A Signpost

Hard Work is clearly part of LUCK

I am really counting on LUCK as the path for success!

What really needs to be clarified is what does LUCK mean to me?

LUCK is apparently a simple word, but for me it means a lot. It represents an FLA (four letter acronym) and it stands for:

L = LABOR – if we work hard we deserve the results, and that does not necessarily mean working extra hours every single day – not that it does not help. We need to work hard during our working hours, whether we are an entrepreneur or we work for others. So, hard work is the firs element of luck;

U = UNIQUENESS – each one needs to differentiate from others, a training must be different from other trainings, an original product is more valuable, and so on, so, everything we do is original and people want to be part of it. Uniqueness is the second element of luck;

C = CREATIVITY – I love to create new “whatsoever”! I got tired of doing the same stuff everyday, I cannot read the same type of books every week and I cannot study the same theme every month, so I assume most people love diversity. Saying this I believe creativity is the third element of luck;

K = KNOWLEDGE – is the base for everything. Studying, learning and sharing knowledge makes us all rich. If I give someone an idea or any piece of knowledge and the other returns the same way we’ll both get richer (something that does not happen when we exchange material goods, whatever they are). So, knowledge is the fourth element of luck.

Now you know why I am counting on LUCK for the next period in front of me, which is the rest of our lives!

Bet on LUCK and you’ll need no luck to get anywhere you want in your life!

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Visual Improvement Agent,

About Daniel Lança Perdigão @UpSideUp

I am Strategist and a Visual Thinker, founder of UpSideUp. For me people are in the center of everything I do and UpSideUp does. I deal with people since 1961, I study since ever and I work since 1978! Every day I learn, work and innovate and I love what I do as I am always in contact with... people!
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