Work from home?

Yes, today it is required… and along the coming days too!

People talk a lot about working from home and then we need a disease like the one we currently face to effectively test the model.

Home finance isn't problem for me

Work from home!

There are countries where this seems more natural and some people would say that here in Portugal it will not work because when people go home, they think they are on vacation and are all already looking for the best way to deceive bosses … or teachers!

So I think we will prove the opposite, we will prove that we are all capable of assuming our responsibilities and give our best, not only for our health and that of our families but also for our companies and our children, as there will be a future and we’ll need them.

Let’s prove that we can reinvent ourselves. Fear? No! We are Portuguese and we are known for our ability to “desenrascar” (surpass strange challenges in unexpected ways)! Let’s prove that we are capable! I am reinventing our business and next week I will keep in touch with our customers, because, as an innovation consultant, I believe that Design Thinking methods are to be used in real life and not just for training. We will provide the services (remote, digital) that we already have and new others that we do not yet know that customers and partners need.

My youngest daughter already made her study plan for the next weeks or months, to maintain healthy habits of study, work, and fun, in a balanced way.

We will prove that we are capable, and we’ll help ourselves and others to overcome this difficult period with as much enthusiasm as possible.

Who knows, this crisis will give a little help to environmental problems and will help us to reinvent the future and redefine the professions that will survive?

Let’s prove it all!

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Innovation Consultant, Strategist & Visual Thinker,


About Daniel Lança Perdigão @UpSideUp

I am Strategist and a Visual Thinker, founder of UpSideUp. For me people are in the center of everything I do and UpSideUp does. I deal with people since 1961, I study since ever and I work since 1978! Every day I learn, work and innovate and I love what I do as I am always in contact with... people!
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