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I am Strategist and a Visual Thinker, founder of UpSideUp. For me people are in the center of everything I do and UpSideUp does. I deal with people since 1961, I study since ever and I work since 1978! Every day I learn, work and innovate and I love what I do as I am always in contact with... people!

End of / Fim do: PeopleExperience BLOG (

EM PORTUGUÊS MAIS ADIANTE Everything gets to an end! This time is the end of my PeopleExperience Blog, and I am thankful to my 1.704 followers! You may follow me here: NEW Blog: FACEBOOK: LINKEDIN TWITTER: reading

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28 Best Practices for Students and Teachers in Online Learning

Although live training is something new in schools, imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the technology is not new, since multinational organizations have used it for a long time. An online session can hardly be as fluid as a conversation, class … Continue reading

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28 Boas Práticas para Alunos e Professores, no Ensino à Distância

Embora nas escolas a formação ao vivo, através de meios digitais – as vídeo-aulas, seja uma novidade a que fomos forçados nesta época de pandemia, a tecnologia e o seu uso não são novidade, pois já há muitos anos que … Continue reading

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The most important question!

I’ve had enough! I’m tired of this confinement or lockdown, as some say. So are most people! Never happened anything like this! We are used to listening or watching on TV about extraordinary situations… happening to others, but we only … Continue reading

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The new phenomenon!

Do you feel it? I do! Since we are confined at home, due to this Covid-19 – the so-called NEW Coronavirus – those who were not adapted had to adapt to diverse video conferencing tools, and those who were already … Continue reading

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Are you feeling lost?

Some people are feeling a bit lost along with this new experience we are now living, the confinement due to the Covid-19! This blog is precisely about people’s experience, so why not write about this one in particular. Many of … Continue reading

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Is there anybody out there?

This is from Pink Floyd, 1979. “Well, only got an hour of daylight left. Better get started” “Isn’t it unsafe to travel at night?” “It’ll be a lot less safe to stay here. Your father’s gonna pick up our trail … Continue reading

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Work from home?

Yes, today it is required… and along the coming days too! People talk a lot about working from home and then we need a disease like the one we currently face to effectively test the model. There are countries where … Continue reading

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Trabalhar em casa?

Sim, hoje parece ter que ser e nos próximos dias também! Fala-se muito do trabalho a partir de casa e é preciso uma doença como a que enfrentamos para se testar o modelo. Há países onde tal parece mais natural … Continue reading

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International Sketchnote Camp in Lisbon – September 20-22: Register Soon!

The 2nd Annual International Sketchnote Camp in Lisbon is coming up fast—Thursday, September 20 through Saturday, September 22nd at Lux Lisboa Park Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal. Don’t miss this exciting community event! Now is the time to secure your tickets to the event, and most importantly … Continue reading

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