You need to “No!” (and to know too!)

What do I mean by “You need to “No!”“?

Just a little introduction to frame you:

UpSideUp is in business since 2011 and I have been doing a win-loss analysis for the last 3 years. I am happy to say that we close more than 2/3 of our business proposals and I hear many people in the business talking about much lower success rates.

IMG_7092.JPGSo, what are we doing right?

Well, lets see:

  • Our prices are fair!
  • Quality is generally very good!
  • Innovation is always present!
  • We never failed!
  • We have good customer references!
  • All testimonials are positive!
  • We have an average evaluation over 90/100!
  • We never got late to a meeting!
  • We write each proposal from scratch on a white page!
  • We have a good Code of Conduct!
  • Our Services are clear and all Conditions are transparent!
  • We think about each customer’s needs!
  • We establish good personal relations!

But… will these aspects be enough?

Maybe not! So I needed to go deeper…

By asking several customers what influenced their decision for us, I found out that we ask a lot of questions! They also told me that not talking too much about us is good, as it shows we care for them! Not using a Powerpoint presentation on first meetings was also much appreciated.

And one the most interesting discoveries was that many customers valued the fact that we ask if what they are requesting us to do is really what they want and need, and sometimes we even ask, in advance, if they have budget (and I mean enough money) to pay for our services.

But the most amazing discovery was the fact that some customers valued our courage to tell them “NO, I WILL NOT DO THAT JOB AS I DON’T BELIEVE IT WILL SUCCEED OR YOU’LL GET THE EXPECTED RESULTS!”.

Just think about the power of the positive NO. Now you know!

See you around.

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Strategist and Visual Thinker @

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My name is Summit, Web Summit!

The “Web Summit Lisbon 2016” is a fabulous event, one of the biggest that Lisbon has ever received. The numbers leave no doubt about it:

  • more than 53,000 participants,
  • web-summit-2016over 7,000 chief executive officers (CEOs),
  • more than 15,000 companies from
  • 166 countries …

These are interesting numbers in relation to the financial return that Lisbon and the country can expect and also in terms of promotion, but it is also certain that none of us – the participants – nor any company, will be able to contact everyone or attend all the talks,  keynotes, meetings, workshops or everything else that is happening and going to happen.
My expectation is very high. But what am I going to do? What do I hope to find and how do I organize myself to ensure a sense of satisfaction in the end?
Knowing that almost all projects fail due to planning problems, I am assuming my participation as a professional project. I have planned with some precision the events that I want to attend, within the tracks that interest me the most. And .. I have already told my family that I will be at the “Web Summit”, which takes place in a European city, which by the way happens to be Lisbon. The only difference is that I will go home to sleep and not to a hotel, I just do not know at what time I will arrive.
Daniel Lança Perdigão, Strategist & Visual Thinker,

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Wonderful world

If someone is like me and loves to learn about everything that turns his curiosity on, you’ll soon find that knowledge is infinite and that your life is too short to learn everything you want in this wonderful world we live in!

Learn targetThis sounds really dramatic but, like everything else, there is a reverse of the medal. If, in one hand, you may get “frustrated” by understanding the infinity of knowledge, on the other, you’ll get extremely happy because you also found that the source of knowledge will never run out of content for you to learn, as long as you live! Wow!

So, what shall one do?

If you are like me and have reviewed yourself on these first paragraphs, you will, like me, never be happy with what you know, so you’ll never sit on the shadow of a palm tree, waiting for the time to pass until you die. No, no, no!

On the contrary! You will find ways to accelerate how you can absorb knowledge and ways to filter the information you read, search, visualize, ear, feel, etc. You will find ways to learn, informally, knowledge from many sources, so many sources that the only way you can prove – if ever needed – that you have the knowledge, is by using it. In most of the cases no one is fast enough, competent enough or enough whatever to attribute you a Certificate.

But, in our business life, maybe someone you are proposing to work for, working for or working with, may ask for your Certificate. It happens! I know! Some people value the Certificate, not the knowledge in itself. And it may also be used in advance, as most people cannot and will not pay you in advance just because you say you are competent in whatever area of knowledge.

So, what shall one do?

Find a course that aggregates some of the knowledge you have acquired and invest some time doing it, studying and obtaining a Certificate. It is probable that your knowledge, on that field, is wider than what is certified. Don’t care, no one will! You know what you know and now you can prove it in advance. When you’re done, find another course, for a different area of knowledge, and repeat the process.

And… be amazed. You know a lot, but nevertheless you will learn something new. Maybe, in some cases, a lot of new information or, at least, some new perspectives! Learning is always fun and useful for us!

Never stop studying, never stop learning!

This is an amazing, wonderful world!

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Strategist and Visual Thinker @


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I am guilty as charged!

Bingo Balls Showing Luck At Lottery

No, I never won a lottery…

Sometimes people say I am lucky, because I have this, own that, have success in a certain area or have very good friends. Let’s call it luck, for now!

We can have bad luck, no doubt, like accidents or diseases. And we can also have luck, very rarely!

But we can, for sure, contribute for the building of that, so called, “luck”.

I know so many people spending their time complaining about their bad luck, instead of investing all that valuable time building their luck, by looking for a job – if they don’t have one, looking for a customer – if they have something to sell or produce, looking for students – if they are teachers or simply looking for a white surface – if they like to paint or draw. Complaining?! That’s of no use, for no one!

Yes, I am lucky! Yes, I always look for the opportunities if they are out there, Yes, I build my opportunities if there are none on the horizon. Yes, I build relations, honestly and sincerely. Yes, I work very hard, every day, without complains of any kind! When I am tired, I rest for a while!

No, I never won a lottery, I never earned any prize from any kind of raffle… not even an insignificant one! Nothing! Nada!

Am I lucky? Yes! Guilty as charged!

See you, lucky guys!

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Strategist and Visual Thinker,

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Empower yourself!

– Why should I ‘Empower myself’?

> Because the vast meaning of the word ’empower’ opens a whole world of possibilities and because we are talking about ourselves, the most important beings on earth!

– Ok! That might help, but how can I do it?

business people and engineers on meeting

-No! I am an architect! I design bridges.

> Well, imagine that you are a sales person!

– Got it!

> Now, think! What does a salesman need to do for a living.

– That’s easy, he needs to sell!

> Right. That’s what a salesman does. And so, what about you? Are you a salesman?

– No! I am an architect. I design bridges.

> Ok. So you design bridges and everyone immediately loves your projects, gets the licenses, hires engineers, a construction company and then they simply build your bridges. Correct?

– No, that’s not so simple. What’s your idea? I said I am an architect, not a magician!

> Certainly. So what do you need to do in between?

– I need to perfect my idea, evaluate the needs, talk to many people, move some influences and sell…

> You said it! You said it!

– Well, I mean, I have to convince…

> You said it again!

– No, I just need to influence…

> And again!

– What do you mean?!!!

> You are saying that you need to SELL your idea, your project. You said it: sell, convince, influence…

– Ok, that’s what I have to do! That’s what we all have to do!

> But you told me you’re not a salesman!

– Well, when it comes to my projects I need to sell my ideas…

> So, you are saying that you are a salesman when it comes to your ideas?

– Yes, we may say so.

> Ok! So, now you know. Imagine one single person that does not need to sell their ideas…

– Hum….

> Right! Everybody needs to sell their ideas, so we all are salesmen!

– Never thought about it that way, but… You’re right.

> So, becoming aware of this, what do I mean by ’empower yourself’? I mean that we all need to develop our capacity to communicate properly, influence and sell our own ideas, whatever is our business or job!

There are many methodologies for this. We have one called MindSelling and it is a sales methodology for all, based on NLP (Neurolinguistic programming), and it helps developing language, awareness of ourselves and about the others, communication skills, empathy and so on, so we are successful in what we do: SELL!

See you.

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Strategist & Visual Thinker,

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The secrets of engagement

Some conferences, congresses, meetings, presentations, talks, etc. are amazing, some are _what-about-a-gr-for-your-event-by-upsideup
good and some others stink!

There are a few secrets that make the difference! Just a few simple ones…

You just need to plan, prepare, know about what you are talking, investigate, prepare yourself, be honest, be interesting and then, voilá, what they see is what they get! This is so true, but… how can they see it?

Usually, most speakers use very elaborate Powerpoint slides, with very detailed and complex information, that they use as a guide for themselves… STOP!

Are visuals  for themselves? Visuals need to be so elaborate? Visuals need to be complex? NO! Visuals need to be simple, easy to understand and not overwhelming.

Sometimes we do not even have the chance to use Powerpoint, but we can use stories (storytelling) to create those images on the participants minds.

Whether it is the case – you may or may not use slides – you can always use the services of a Graphic Recorder, to stand in the stage with you and helping participants visualize your concepts along the way. Look at the advantages: visuals will be simple, as they are drawn in the moment, visuals are easy to understand as they are built simultaneously with the talk and they cannot be overwhelming as there is no time for that!

About the rest… well, the speaker needs to be prepared and all those skills may be developed with trainings and experience.

So, if you want to assure the success of a meeting or congress, call a Graphic Recorder!

Call me! See you.

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Strategist & Visual Thinker,

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Don’t ask me to do it for free…

Do not ask me to do for free the only thing I have of some value: MY WORK!

Silver Coins

Please, pay the fair price for the work!

Many people appreciate my work, and, thankfully, they are willing to pay for it. Some “appreciate” it, if I do it for free!

I do my work easily and with great pleasure, what doesn’t mean that I didn’t invest a lot to be able to do it the way I do and it doesn’t mean that, by doing it with pleasure, I should not be paid for it!

If you like my work, if it gives color to yours, if it helps people seeing what you say and what you mean, if it attracts the eyes of others, if it helps illustrating concepts, ideas, projects, talks, situations, if it creates synergy, if it is the target for cameras, it should worth something… because I can only do it with pleasure if I have lunch – and I have to pay for it, even if the cook works with pleasure and the waiter serves with the same pleasure!

I like to go to a good concert, I pay for it and the musicians, most of the times, play and sing with pleasure. I like to go to a football match and I pay for it, as football players need to be (very well) paid and most of them play (also) for pure pleasure!

cropped-20141028-edp-rh-com-atec_51.jpgSometimes I do my work for free, by my own choice, because it is for a cause I support or simply because the audience is so interesting that they deserve or because there are other forms of compensation involved.

I do some parts of my work in a few minutes – draw a simple concept, create a group dynamics, do a talk, create a training program, etc. – what doesn’t mean it’s easy. Maybe it’s easy for me, as I have studied and dedicated many years practicing to be capable and competent to do it.

So, please, do not ask me to do it for free!

See you. Bring your wallet!

Daniel Lança Perdigão, Strategist & Visual Thinker,

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